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Making a career in Art

When we come to select our career, art comes in down lain, as it's very difficult to market and earn money, But nowadays when we can get in touch with anyone online, it's very easy to share and present our art. now only that but we get so much to learn from another artist which shares their knowledge.  some of the ways how can we make our hobby sketch or drawings our career.


1) Online website:- Online website is the most reliable source to start a career and earn from that. The website can be in any form - you can sell your art from e-commerce, you sell your books, you can create online courses, and much more. Even if your website is famous you can apply for google AdSense. Anyone around the world can view your website and get in touch with your skill. You can associate with other websites that allow you to sell your items, like Amazon and Walmart. 

2) YouTube:- If you have real skills in making drawings/ sketches online, you can take live classes or make videos. And if it's work and you have the 1k subscriber and 1k viewer, you can apply to AdSense from Google.

3) Blogger:- Blogger is also the best option. it is similar to making a website, the good thing is that it's free, and it's from google. Again if the visitor is more on your blog, you can apply for google AdSense.

4) Social Media:- Nowadays social media is on top to share your skills and communicate with others. social media also helps to make communities with similar interests people, This helps to target the audience which can make profits for you. you can divert the people in the above medium in which you are dealing that is a website, YouTube, or Blogger. However many people even do business on social media also.

5) Animation world:- You have seen nowadays many animation movies are coming up. they are high in need of artists, as it's skilled work. From start to end they need lots of sketches and drawings, many on hard paper or in software. There is software to make sketches and drawings. like Adobe animate, Pixar, Presto, sketchbook, DoInk, Pencil2D, Tooator, FlipAnim, etc.

6) Education:- Teaching in school or above Area can be the best option in making a career in art. Fineart schools, Advertising companies, Interior companies, and creative art companies have a huge scope of Artists.

Artist's Loft Fundamentals Art ttu


Comics Sketches

           In a country like the United States, the genre of comics has a long tradition of more than a hundred years. However, we do not have a long tradition on this subject. Comics strips in book form, or in newspapers or magazines. The chitchats are presented, the presentations in sequence, or in a row, the method of drawing, however, focuses on the intersection of the characters in both the illustrations. ground). Unlike Kayachitra, since Chitrakatha is not limited to a single painting, none of the paintings in Chitrako can run even if it is inconsistent with the plot or it can be left incomplete. Since the background is of paramount importance in the story, if the story is historical or mythological, then the hair has to be drawn with careful consideration of all the things like hairstyles, costumes, ornaments, weapons, clothes, and lifestyle, premises, home decoration, and social life. Even if it is a modern social subject, all the above things have to be considered, only then the pictures.  

              It seems chronological and logical. It sounds like a story. Many techniques of painting have to be handled so that the pictures in the story do not look clumsy and there is no uniformity in them. All the trees have to use different techniques like 'Longshot', 'Mishot', 'Closeup' etc. without taking the same limbs, at the same angle, at the same distance, from the same level. In addition, all the pictures can be varied without fitting them into a fixed size frame, keeping the frame size small-large, or vertical-horizontal, and even removing some square frames. Only if the story is moving and the pictures in it are fast can the picture catch the reader's attention. From this point of view, the speed of the pictures is just as important. That is why it is useful to practice drawing fast pictures. There is also a need for consensus on shading techniques to make tea more uplifting.

     Comics Pictures are more difficult to draw than other pictures. Although the lines in the comics seem crazy and the characters seem clumsy, the painter has to have a very good command of his own on personification, expression, realism, shadow optics, and all other techniques. 

Comic sketches ru

      But only the skill of painting is in the hands of the comedian. He has to have the ability to look at life in a playful, inquisitive, and analytical way. Only then can a good comic be born out of the inconsistency and theatricality that surrounds him. There are many ways to draw comics. It is customary to draw a big face but keep the limbs like sticks and draw pictures based on a few words showing facial expressions. In the second method, the pictures are proportional; Emphasis is placed on the person's satire or humorous jokes. 

       For those who just want to draw as a hobby, this type of drawing can be fun; And it may seem easy after practice.
Comic Sketches 6u

The characteristic of the nostrils when drawing comics is dramatized, learning a little exaggerated, to create a humorous picture. See both boxes above. the original face on the left- This is a comic on the right. In addition, the warmth of standing, e.g. Stomach cramps or folds, etc. are also common causes of colic.


Historical sketches

Indian Historical sketches sjjdbDetails and background are very important in a historical picture. In that case, the painter does not walk away with freedom. If Shivaji is descending from Pratapgad in the story, then the door, bastion, or ramparts seen behind Shivaji in the picture will not be on Shivneri or imaginary. The background in this picture should look like the fort on Pratapgad. For this, the painter needs to get enough references to the fort and use them properly in the painting. Details like clothes, jewelry, tools also have to be up to date. Although guns were mentioned in the Shiva period, there is a difference between the guns of today and the guns of the Shiva period. References to such details can be found in the museum. Find out the details about mythological costumes from old texts and books. But such references are not very common. Here you have to take the help of ideas. The idea, however, needs its support. When Shakuntala is in the forest, it should not be allowed to happen that one of our well-known painters has made the mistake of showing it in a saree instead of a Vulcan. Pictures of horses and elephants are very important in historical and mythological paintings. The study of different 'poses' of these animals is necessary for these pictures.


Indian women men bird sketches wdsRath Sketch sdIndian Historical sketches qws

Historical and mythological personalities are characterized not only by their costumes or ornaments but also by their facial expressions. it is conventional to use both a rotating pen and black poster color in the picture. 
Now if we talk about historical building, the old building was mostly full of design and artwork, small borders, and offset used to be common in historical buildings. To draw this type of building the artist has to be very patient and should draw all small details.

Art and paintings are important to understand the past of a country and they are our valuable assets. Through art and paintings we can know the history, culture, and civilization of a country. In this article you will come to know about some of the famous art work and painting that show the history of the world. .

The artworks of historical importance are those which are connected with the history or the art of a particular period. Such paintings are also considered to be very valuable in the market. They are collected by art lovers and historians as well. Such paintings have been created by many artists of bygone eras. These have been preserved and are considered to be of great value. Some of the important works of historical art are.

Historical art work painting, the process of making art is a very long process. the history of art has been the same since the beginning of time. but some times the artist are so big that they describe the history. i will show you some of the most famous and historical artworks.

The oldest existing representation of a landscape in European art is a tiny and cryptic mosaic in the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome, dating from the sixth century AD. The mosaic depicts a pastoral scene of trees, rivers, and fields and has been interpreted to represent the Garden of Eden.


India couple sketch sdfa           Illustration depicting a particular event or character in a story, novel, advertisement, or any other text. Of magazines. The only purpose is to make the cover of the book more attractive or to make another important point in the text more prominent in the mind of the reader. Of course, it is not the intention of the story to unfold all the stories just like those pictures, and therefore their number is also limited by the text. The first expectation of a story is that it has to do with the plot. For that, of course, the painter must first read and understand all the stories. Exciting events should be explored from it, if the text is read in its entirety, it becomes very easy to draw a story, because most of the details of the pictures are expressed in words by the author. It should not be too difficult to draw a good story if you take into account the details and the meaning and add your memory and imagination to it. Decide very carefully. For example, when drawing a story about the heroine of a novel written against the backdrop of Konkan, leaning against a tree, instead of taking a close-up of the heroine's face or finger, take a picture of the beach, coconut groves, spider's name, spider's nest, houses with sloping roofs. The physical posture of each person in the story is their height, thickness, posture, posture, facial expressions, gestures, occupation, and so on. Draw a picture of that person accordingly. In this, the painter should not take undue freedom. There are also detailed descriptions of a person's temperament, according to which their facial expressions should be made. Just as personalities have a 'mood', so do emotions. By making effective use of darkness and light, we can make the background of the pictures happy, sad, melancholy, anything.


Out Door Sketching

Outdoor sketch sdc            Out-Door Sketching is, in fact, a joy for any painter. It is a joyous occasion to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and paint a picture of nature. Whether it's the sight of a rushing river sitting on a riverbank or a ghat, or the sloping rooftops of a village, or the bulls roaming in the shade under a tree, the whole scene is alluring. This sketch of girls and sketch of boys, It does not have mold closure. There you have complete freedom of design. Moreover, the practice of these pictures drawn in close proximity to nature is useful in composing stories or sketches, this practical advantage is different! Sitting on the side of the road, I saw someone from the city taking pictures and a crowd of onlookers gathered. Don't hide or stop your work. Keep up the good work by saying a couple of sweet words.

outdoor rainy day sketch sd                 In fact, when painting trees, only the general form is removed. If we insist on drawing each leaf of the tree, the chances of completing the drawing will remain slim.

Outdoor drawings have so many topics to draw on. Around 3000 years before these outdoor sketches use to be done in caves, cave drawings are full of the picture they use to see and draw on big rocks inside the cave.

Starting from the ground to the sky we see so many landscapes that we can draw or sketch. For beginners, landscape sketches are the best startup. From childhood, kids use to make beautiful sceneries with mountains, trees, huts, rivers, and birds in the sky.  

In outdoor sketches, the viewpoint is also very important, as we try to draw what we see, we should select the place in which the area which we have to draw gets complete details. After selecting the perfect viewpoint, now see the depth in the view which we have to make.  For depth only 3 shades of the pencil are enough 1)HB (hard) 2) 8B ( very soft ), 3) 4B ( soft ). the lighter or soft tone is done to show the far area and for the closer, we should use dark/ hard tone; ie HB. The size of two objects get varies with the distance, that is if two-three of the same height, but the closer will be taller from the back and far one.


Sketches of Animals

     For Sketches of animals, you do not have to go to the forest to take pictures of wild animals. These animals can be seen in zoos or even in circuses. Go there and observe their exteriors and their movements, their movements, carefully and closely. If possible, sketch immediately, pets such as dogs, cats, cows, oxen, horses, etc. are readily available nearby. They should also be drawn in as many different positions as possible. Although the basic organs are the same, not all animals or birds look the same. Carefully look at what makes the difference between them. The reason why an animal or bird is different from another is the characteristic of that animal or bird. This feature should be explored, observing that the cow's foot, deer's foot, tiger's foot, and dog's foot are all completely different from each other. They are all just 'animals' so not all of their organs are the same as those drawn from a mold. The same thing with birds. We went to find out why the swan's rubab does not come in the duck, comparing the two, that the difference between them is noticeable at every inch. This is a surefire way to increase the power of observation.



animal sas The big body of the bull and its vigorous movements, as well as the sattvic expressions in the eyes of the cow, its small horns, and the smallness of its body, should be taken into consideration.  

animals sxs

Deer and sambar are more beautiful and graceful than any other animal, they should be seen in the picture as well. But as they are very shy and move a lot, it's very difficult to draw them while watching them live.

Even in animal sketches, the feeling of the animal should be reflected while sketching. If you imagine a tiger roaring it shows the power and anger. The injured animal or bird shows an expression of fear. For practice animal sketching the best and ideal animal in the wild is a monkey.  

Picture Composition


To make a picture more effective, it is very important to consider the composition. From the very first question, what should be the subject of the picture, let's start thinking about the composition of the picture. First of all, you have to find the most important or dramatic moment in the subject or event on which you want to draw a picture. If you capture that moment exactly, it is more likely to be attractive. For example, it would be more appealing to portray two warriors as fighting with hatred and Dussehra as he repulses, rather than just holding his sword in his hand. In order not to make the picture look monotonous, the elements in the picture should be structured at different levels. Painting is more effective if the elements of the picture are properly intertwined than when they are interspersed with each other. Maintaining the balance of the picture does not necessarily mean that the left or right side of the point of view should be exactly the same. Conversely, such symmetry in the picture should be avoided. On the contrary, all the elements of the picture should not be united on one side only. When maintaining the balance of the picture, the object and its shadow should be considered as the only factor. Considering all the shapes caused by the shadow of all the elements in the picture, they are divided as evenly as possible so that the balance of the picture is maintained automatically. The subject of each picture has a 'Center of Attraction'. This point of view should be expressed through the composition of the picture i.e. the proper arrangement of the picture elements and the shadow-light, the painting can be studied through the paintings of western or our own painters. Western painters have created strong considering its influence on shadow-light and picture elements. Our painters do not pay attention to the shadows, they only calculate the shapes.


                 In the first picture above, all the people are on the same line. The design feels monotonous, changing their standing position in the adjacent picture, making the design attractive. Since each person in the first picture below is isolated, the structure does not feel homogeneous. But the picture becomes more attractive if all the same people are intertwined with some grain.




sketch shading str          Shading illustrates the outline of the picture, the size of the picture, and the limitations of the picture, while shadowing gives the picture density. The interplay between the objects in the pictures is more clearly felt. In short, the contours only produce a picture of Dimitri, while the same photography technique uses the same picture of a three-dimensional image. Therefore, by using this technique properly, pictures can be made more uplifting. This technique was not used in Pachati painting until the 14th century, but since the 14th century (Renaissance period) Pachati painters have used this technique to reach a different height. Indian painters have been adopting this technique since the last century. Shadow - What is the first source of light when using lighting techniques? The light or shadow falling on the hilly part of a person or object should be carefully monitored.

sketch shading sz
           Some of the light that falls on any object is reflected to a lesser extent. The intensity of the shadow cast by the original light is lessened by the reflected light. This also makes the density of the bursa more pronounced. So the original light - like the source, of this reflected light. Study carefully. Black White Photographs make it easier to study photography. women's side figure.

sketch shading iogt         Shadow - a game of light! In the side figure, the light falls on the top. In the above figure, the direction of light is on the left, in the third figure, the direction of light is from below, while in the fourth figure, the light comes from above but on the back of the person.

If one is doing sketching with a pencil, he or she must use different kinds of pencils as per the requirement. For light shading, one can use 1 to 3 H or 1 to 3 B. shading also define the material, the Gloss material will always end light shading due to its reflection and the mat material has dark shading compared to gloss. In transparent objects and in water the ray of light plays a major role and hence proper shading should be done.
From above you can draw a proper pencil sketch of human figures. Drawing lines is not required for sketching and shading. 


Moving picture sketch

            Motion is expressed by any movement made by a person or an animal. 'Depending on the movement, the speed will be slow or messenger! However, no such movement can be done by the person or the animal, sitting in front of it as a 'middle' and posing. Because in the middle of the movement, it is impossible to stand very naturally as a middle. 

           Therefore, such pictures, and frequent movements. It has to be based on subtle observations and recollections. Even drawing simple movements from the front is difficult because the subject matter is unstable. It is more difficult to draw such volatile subjects from different angles or from different levels. For this, the combination of subtle observation and memory has to be based on imagination. In order for the picture to be uplifting, in such a situation, one should pay more attention to how to show the dynamics expressed through those movements, without paying too much attention to the proportions of the person's body to these other minor details. 
sketch 7ggh

            When drawing very fast pictures, there is nothing wrong with relying on a bit of dramatization and exaggeration. Break - should not break. If it is necessary to draw a background, it should complement the picture. For example, if you want to show a child running down the street, the background road lines should be horizontal so that they show the speed of the runner, or the lines showing the movements of the dancing dancer will also reflect the beauty and rhythm of the picture.

A moving picture can be flowers moving with winds or ocean waves, the sketch should tell the speed of the moving picture. A good moving picture should not be hazy. These moving pictures are also seen on the roadside, the movement of people, bikes, and cars. if one wants to practice the moving picture street sketching is ideal.  


Sketch Portraits

        A portrait can be done in three ways, Sitting in front of the model. Relying on memory or just imagination! From simple pencils to oil paints, any medium can be used for personification. The use of media depends on your practice, study, and interest. The best way to study personification is to practice sitting with a 'middle' in front of you, but this type is often costly. Often the personification is based on memory by observing the people around him. 

         Observing not only the ear-nose-eyes or the hands-feet but also the limbs of the people, their postures, their limbs, and also the facial expressions that complement the subject have to be considered. Only if the painter has recorded all these variations in his mind can he get out of the picture? various patterns of hairstyles, costumes, and ornaments can be seen in movies or plays. After returning from the theater, it is very useful to draw such detailed pictures of the characters. 
         Photographs are also good for this. As the observation involves the lock and the background. It is also necessary to think of proportion. Proportionality should be in your eyes, only then can it get out of hand. The best examples for the study of proportionality are the Greek sculptures, but these sculptures, are mostly of a tall and strong individuals. In fact, not all people are like that, one should keep in mind while studying those sculptures. look at the sketch of a woman. 

India women sketch eeIndia women sketch iuyu

In portraits shading is very important, many draw lines of eyes, mouth, face, etc. but one should do only shading lines which makes the image real. it might not get the image proportion first but after practice, you can easily do the things. heavy out-lines should be avoided. avoid using dark outlines, it's okay with hairs and eyebrows but it should not use everywhere. At the time of blending also proper flow should be there sudden start and stop will make a disaster. Side figure of women. Sketching is very necessary for portraits.


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