How to Make 3D illusions drawings and sketches: December 2020


Yohana Muriel



Yohana Muriel is a unique artist, Apart from beauty Yohana has a great talent for making Colourful paintings. I started following her on Instagram when I saw her painting. Excellent is the small words to express her talent. Yohana is from Colombia 🇨🇴. You will see the very colorful painting, expressing happiness and joy. Yohana runs it's a shop on Instagram and WhatsApp, and she can deliver artwork to any corner of the world. Some famous paint of Yohana is Jesus pop art, Lion,  and many more. Yohana love to do cycling and loves to stay fit. Some of the paints are below
Yohana Muriel df
Yohana Muriel 
Yohana Muriel dfsf
Yohana Muriel 
Yohana Muriel sdfsf
Yohana Muriel 
Yohana Muriel dfsdf
Yohana Muriel 

And here business WhatsApp number is 3116185258, from where you can buy paintings.

 As most of you are aware of the metaverse, which means beyond the universe. Drawing and art have a huge scope in the metaverse. you can make NFT art and sell them at huge prices, one of the platforms is  Opensea which has started running the same and many more.

In the virtual world, everything will be virtual and here the artwork will play a major role in the metaverse. Imagine you have to wear VR goggles and you are in your art gallery, where you can display all your artwork and you can invite the same. you can also make a sale.

If you are interested in making NFT of your art it's very simple. just you have to take photos of your artwork in 3D format and just convert it to NFT. then you are almost ready. You can upload your NFT to the Opensea app or other and start selling. The only thing its works only on cryptocurrency only.


Art is art, no matter what medium is used to create it. However, different mediums can inspire different art. For example, movies can inspire paintings, songs can inspire poems, etc. I think that virtual reality and the metaverse will inspire art that can't be created otherwise. You can only create a painting if you're inside of a painting.

The future seems to be a combination of reality and virtual reality. And there are people who are already creating art in virtual reality (VR). In this blog, I will discuss the role of virtual reality in the future. I will also share a few links to articles containing more information on the topic.

Virtual art is a new art form that has been created to be displayed in the virtual space. It is used to describe art that is created specifically for the virtual world. The art may be displayed in a virtual gallery or any other virtual place. The actual art is created on a computer, with a printer, and displayed on a computer, so it is created from non-tangible things.

This blog post will look at what a future metaverse art scene might look like, and how it might differ from the current art scene. I'll talk about virtual art, metaverse art, and the future of art, and I'll also look at how virtual art might be sold and traded.


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