How to Make 3D illusions drawings and sketches: June 2020


Glass Painting

Description:- Glass painting is a painting done on a glass surface you can also use a thick transparent sheet also, some call it a glass sheet . Glass painting is a very different art as its surface is transparent and very smooth, as it's transparent we have to see that from backside light effects can change the drawing shade. Glass painting is done with fine outer-liner and then it is filled with glass color. In the olden days glass painting out-liner was used with lead, but as it was too dangerous to use lead different glass outline of acrylic material was developed.


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Type of glass paints:- there are two types of glass paints 1) water-based and 2) solvent-based, both are totally different and can't be mixed with each other.
Use:- If you will see the old religious building, like churches domes or any big glass facade you can see beautiful glass paintings, depicting some stories. I have seen many ancient church artists paint full stories, it's mainly religious stories. As it was done on the dome, when sunlight falls on the dome all colors start glowing and it's very beautiful, and the area under the dome is full of colors. You can see glass paintings on Glass table tops, glass bottles, Jars, and windows.
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How to do it:- For glass painting, you will need one transparent sheet ( to start up) it is also called a plastic sheet it is available easily at the stationery shop, and it should be A4 size. Second, you will need white paper of A4 size, a pencil, and third you will need water-based glass paints. Now draw any design on white paper, I will suggest starting up with any floral drawings with big flowers and leaves so that you can color them easily. After drawing on paper, place it below the transparent sheet, and trace the outer line with a glass outer liner. Once it is completed now color the flower and leaves with water base glass color. do not mix anything, just open the bottle and pour between the outer line. wait for some time to get it dry. Now remove the white paper from the bottom... Yahoo! your Glass painting is ready.

Glass painting is a popular art form with a long history in the UK. Recently, a new art movement, glass painting, has emerged. Glass painting is a popular art form with a long history in the UK. Recently, a new art movement, glass painting, has emerged. In the UK, the first glass artist was Harry Jackson, who was employed by the Pilkington Glass Company. He is regarded as the father of the art form because he was responsible for many of the developments in the genre. It is known that he created the first glass paintings in the early 1970s. In the US, glass painting is a new art form. The artist Anita Rossi is credited with developing the style in the 1990s. Her pieces are a fusion of fine art and glass. The medium has been used by various artists to create paintings, sculptures, and even large installations.

Glass painting is an art that is practiced by a few artists in the world. The art is more than just painting on glass. Glass becomes a canvas that is used to express the artist's imagination and creativity. Glass painting and glass work are two different practices. Painting on glass is different from glass work in that glass work involves the use of lead and other metals. Glasswork is mainly applied in stained glass and glass mosaics.


Stone Painting

Description:- Stone painting is the artwork done on stone matching with its shape. The painting is done in such a way that it gives a real look at the object we want to make. As we have already the shape, we have to just do the painting. Stone painting is done mostly with oil paint so that it can be placed outside in the garden.
           As we walk around we see many stones and pebbles, w have to just imagine and select the perfect match. Every stone and pebble is of different shape and size and it can match anything, like slices of water Mellon face of a cat, a flower, and so on.

Type of stone paintings:- Stone painting is of any kind, but basically, it is divided into  2 parts 1) painting with matching the size & shape 2) Painting done on big stones usually sceneries, face portraits are done. In this, we only required a stone with a good smooth surface.

Selection of stone:- Selection of the stone is very important. if we make an object drawing with matching size and shape we have to select the perfect shape as it reality depends on the shape, second, the stone should have a smooth surface and hole or roughness with reflecting in the drawing and it will not look good unless and until it is required in the object making. As this stone is kept outside in the garden we have to ensure it should crack in summer are should not wash away in the rain. The Stone surface should be such that it should not suck the paints. Also stone should be lightweight if the stone will be heavy it will be difficult to work on.

Use:- Stone art or stone painting is usually kept outside the garden to improve the beauty of the garden. At tourist places local artists paint the scenes of the landmark on the stones to ell the stone art, it very famous on goa beach.

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            Now try finding your stone and start doing stone art/painting work it is all-new fun this season, Once you will start you will find new ideas. I have attached a few photos of my stone art.

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The stonework is an art. It is the art of shaping and finishing stone, primarily for architectural use. The stonework is a classical art form, most commonly found in temples and palaces where it has been practiced since ancient times. Stone has been used as a medium for sculpture for thousands of years, with work continuing into the 21st century.

Stone painting is an art and it is also a work of art. It is an art of understanding the beauty of stone and also it is a skill of making the stone look beautiful and attractive. Stone painting is a very old art and people used to do it in the olden days. It is found in the old palaces and buildings that were built in the olden days.

Many people are under the wrong impression that stone carving and stone painting are the same. The truth is that stone painting is only a small part of stone carving and stone work. In fact, most stone carving artists are not even capable of painting the stones. The two main tasks of a stone carving artist are to shape and carve the stone.

The art of stone work is the art of working with stone to produce visual art. When stone is used for carving it is often referred to as stone carving, but the term may be used for sculpture in other materials such as metal or wood. Stone carving is an activity that has been practiced all over the world since ancient times. Stone carving is still a popular form of creating artwork and decorating furniture and architecture.


Making of Colour

Description:- Colour is a material lying on the surface, colour is made of three basic material, that is binder, pigment, and solvent, in which binder help in bringing the material and later get hard when it comes in contact with oxygen. The pigment is the thing that gives color, it can be rock, stone, plants, fruits, blood, or even mud. We should always non-toxic colors.



History:- Paint or color was invented 35000 years ago, but with not such complicated chemicals as these days. In ancient times charcoal, crushed stone powder, liquid from plants, and liquid from fruits and blood were used to make paints. in which blood and egg yolk were used as a binder.
Use:- Paints are all over around us, paints as a covering material to protect from rusting, like a car, bikes, sheds, and so on. Paints are used in artwork for making paintings, and coloring pots. The wall around our house is also covered with paints.

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How to make color naturally:- you will need a binder for that you can use flex oil or egg yolk, second, you will need pigment for color, and for pigment, you can find a clay type of stone. Now crush the stone into fine powder add some water and now leave it for a minute, Solid particles will settle down and fine particles will mix with water and change the color of water, now collect only the water and leave it to dry, you will find chips of fine pigments, again crunch that fine chips, now your pigment is ready. mix both pigment and binder in a ratio of 70:30 is 70 % of pigment and 30 % of binder. mix it well for half an hour, the mix should not have any smallest lumps. Now your paint is ready for use.    



Drawings On Street wall

     About:- Drawings on the wall are totally different art. it has been very old since 1st drawing started. The cave drawings are one of its great examples. but as the year goes wall drawings have taken a totally different turn. Many artists make a wall so real that from far its looks really realistic. Artists use spray painting or brush to do such a big drawing. As the wall is not the same all way and has a rough surface, the artist has to work a lot or make these rough surfaces as a useful thing.

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     History:- In the early days, people use to make a drawing in caves on rocks and after years on walls. Most of the time these drawings use to be the things they use to see or the message they want to give. As in the early days, there were no more things to do for entertainment drawing was the best thing. by seeing those drawings we got lots of information about the early days ie: the type of culture, Architectural buildings, Animals, medical items, and so on. In Egypt, they use to draw the full story, and it can be seen now also.
      Type:- Wall painting is a major seen for message spreading. As it is done on a huge surface and in an open area, it is easily viewable by everyone. Even the Government draws many social awareness drawings on walls around the cities. As it's very easily viewable and cheap, many companies draw ads on walls. 3D drawings are also made on walls and it has different forms, In Croatian country, you will see a street full of 3d drawings, Many drawings are made by Mr. Lonac, who uses spray paints to make hyperrealistic drawings. Ads are also one of the forms of street wall drawings, however, I personally do not feel that has any art, but drawings similar to text and images are again one of the big talents.     


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