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Fabric Paints

Description:- Paint used for fabric/cloths are known as Fabric paints. These paints are a special type of paints which has the properties to say on the fabric while washing or doing fabric ironing, its glow and shinning remain the same. Many are a bit confused and ask that can be used acrylic paints on fabric, But we should always use good organic fabric paints on cloth as fabric paints life is more than acrylic paints on cloth. Fabric paints come in many shades and always use non-toxic paints. Fabric paints come in a spray and in bottles. 
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Type of Fabric paints:- Mainly fabric is of two types, one which is made with natural material and second with chemicals, we should always use naturally made fabric paints. 

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Material good For Fabric paints:- Cotton, silk, and khadi are the best material to use for Fabric paints, as all these materials are natural fabrics it absorbs the paint. Synthetic 
How to do it:- Before Starting fabric painting make sure that the fabric is properly washed and ironed. Now you can use fabric out-liner to make the design. Many used tracing sheets to make different kinds of designs. Once the design and it are done painting can be done with different kinds of fabric shades.
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        Many small-scale industries used a rubber stamp to make repeated designs on fabric like bed sheets or curtains and many more.
   Stencil is another great way to make a design on fabric, when we use a stencil, fabric spray paint can be used.  



Small villages with industries and artisans are doing beautiful fabric art with machines and hands. In this age of consumerism and mass production, there is little time and space for individuals to express their creativity. Villages in India, however, have managed to hold on to this art of expression, even in the face of modernization.

Fabric art is a beautiful art in a small village by industries, hand made fabric art is made by villages and we can see the beautiful art on the clothes and bed sheets, kitchen items, and even cushion covers. There is a lot to learn from these works and you could also learn how to make fabric art by yourself.

Fabric craft is the art of decorating fabric of different materials such as silk, cotton, wool, and felt using diverse techniques and styles. The fabric craft is most popular in India and countries in the Middle East. The art of needlework is an ancient art, which has been popular in Asia and Europe. It is believed that the art of embroidery was started by the Chinese in the 2nd century BC.

I have been looking for village people and craftsmen doing beautiful fabric painting, with machines and by their hands. I have been to villages in Bangladesh, Nepal, and India. I have seen beautiful works in Bangladesh and Nepal. I have been to many villages to find this art but I have not found it. I have also seen very beautiful works while I was in India but they were done by machines and on a large scale. I want to see this art by hand on a small scale. If you know of any place where I can find this kind of art, please let me know.

Fabric art is a kind of handmade art that is made by hand or machine in the manner of a screenprint on fabric. It is a traditional craft in many countries. The fabric is a textile, which may come from many sources, including natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, and man-made fibers such as rayon. The fabric is usually in some sort of woven structure and may be dyed, painted, or printed in many different ways.


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